Jordan Seiler

Text by Jordan Seiler (
November 2010

Sean Martindale, co-conspirator, friend, and one of four organizers of the TOSAT project has been busy lately. It seems he has been stealing condo advertising over the last year with the intention of using the material to fashion makeshift shelters. Sean’s work is always thought provoking and this project is no different. Not only has he been able to rid his city of a blighting form of outdoor media, but at the same time draws attention to the growing divide between the haves and the have-nots, those that can afford high priced luxury living and those that might sincerely benefit from some simple construction materials, or promotional materials in this case.

All too often the commercial media that dominates our public spaces presents a standard of consumption available to only a select few. Economic discrepancies are overlooked in favor of a presentation aimed at those who can afford to engage a luxury lifestyle. Such is the nature of commerce and the media industry that espouses its values at every turn. Familiarity has gotten the best of us and most fail to see this discordance operating on a daily basis. By using luxury condominium advertising to illuminate the basic need for shelter, Sean isolates the housing issue while presenting us with a broader understanding of advertisings failures. Through this broad view we see outdoor advertising’s disconnect with the pressing needs of our cities and its residents, giving us pause, and asking us once again to consider our willing acceptance of commercial media in public space.

Jordan Seiler, November 2010